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Young Brass Band Willebroek wins EYBBC 2016 again!

The young people of the Willebroek music academy again conquered the European Brass Band title with the youth in Lille, France, on Sunday.

Led by the acclaimed conductor Frans Violet, YBBW achieved 97%, beating a strong and well-prepared field.

In total there were 8 bands that participated in the series up to age 22, including bands from Switzerland, England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Wales. Youth Brass 2000 (England) and Youth Band Pas de Calais (France) came in second and third respectively.

The English press praised the performance. News site 4barsrest was almost certain about the result: "What a title defence that was in a performance that it was hard to find fault with."

British Bandsman magazine was also impressed: "Hard to believe that any youth band can play as well that. Young Brassband Willebroek fabulous all the way. Soloists all top class too."

A great achievement and the reward for hours of practice under the direction of Frans Violet!


1. Young Brass Band Willebroek (Frans Violet): 97

2. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans): 96

3. Youth Brass Nord Pas de Calais (Luc Vertommen): 94

4. Bayerische Jugend Brass Band des 3BA (Benjamin Markel): 93

5. Liberty Brass Band Junior (Christoph Luschsinger): 92

6. National Youth Brass Band of Denmark (Stig Maersk): 91

7. Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band (Gareth Ritter): 90

8. Pavoveres Brass Band (Bronislovas Vilimas): 89


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