In order to function well financially and organisationally as a non-profit organization and we also want to continue to guarantee high musicality and quality, Brassband Willebroek is always looking for people, companies and / or organizations who want to support our association financially. In this way, all financial resources are used to achieve our artistic and musical objectives.

Would you also like to join our brass band family and be part of a group of fantastic friends who make music with passion?


As an Honorary Member, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy our VIP treatment at A Concert of Legends at an affordable price. If you are interested in this formula, please contact us before ordering a membership card.


honorary member

Van Mol Daniëlla, D'Hollander Wendy, Van Lint Filip, Verrezen Huguette, D'Hollander Willy, Gorsen Daniel, Fonteyne Kristel, Van Medegael Vera, Muyshondt Willy, Van Asch Maria, Bierinckx Nadia, Verstrepen Frans, Notaris Van Noten-Devries Y., Keybergh Annie, Van der Plancken-Mampaey Michel, Segers Jean, Corieri Mireille, Vandekerkhove Nick, 4TQConsult, Bourgeois Dirk, De Coensel Monique, Gorsen Santina, Van den Sande Christof, Van Engelgom Pascal, Van Geel Hugo, Bourgeois Laurens, Janssens Werner, Van Looy Johan, Notaris Scheltens Cadia, Segers Christine/Cuche Yves.


supporting member

Bogaert Leonel, Bradt Maaike, Moors Reinhilde.


Tax-deductible gift

You can support Brassband Willebroek with a tax-deductible gift. These gifts are optimally used to achieve our artistic and musical goals. From € 40 you will receive a tax certificate that entitles you to a tax reduction of 45% on the sums paid in personal income tax. You can deposit a gift on our bank account number IBAN BE26 0680 8462 3029 / BIC GKCCBEBB with the message "Gift".