Brass Band

Willebroek Academy

July 31 - August 5, 2022

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Brass Band Willebroek is highly respected in Belgium as one of the ambassadors of their discipline and has for years focused on training musicians to become absolute brass band stars. During the “Brass Band Willebroek Academy” all brass players can immerse themselves in this wonderful world for a week.


Rehearsals are alternated with individual lessons, where the soloists of Brass Band Willebroek assist you with their many years of experience. In addition to the many hours of musical pleasure, there is of course plenty of attention to other forms of recreation.


Willebroek Academy Band 

& Willebroek Academy Juniors


During the “BBWA”, 2 different bands are formed. The youngest and less experienced musicians are housed at the “Willebroek Academy Juniors” and are led by Eb Tuba player and passionate conductor Toon Rutten.


The more advanced musicians form the “Willebroek Academy Band” and have none other than Frans Violet as conductor. Based on your level and ambitions, it is determined in which band you will play.