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Crush of the Titans with Brussels Jazz Orchestra for sale as a digital download!

A unique collaboration in the music world of two renowned orchestras, the concert Crush of the Titans in the Blauwe Zaal of deSingel, recorded live by Klara (2009), is now available as a digital download on the webshop of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

It is not a 'clash' of the titans, a 'crush' all the more: 4 compositions for brass band and large jazz orchestra both give the opportunity to get to know each other and flirt shamelessly. Composer Lode Mertens created a musical masterpiece with the title track Crush of the Titans. Pierre Drevet, that other talented house composer, pays tribute to jazz icon Kenny Wheeler. His beautiful melodies and subtle chord progressions inspired Drevet to write For Kenny. And then of course there is also Bert Joris, who has composed and arranged so many times for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and who always succeeds in exploiting the full potential of the orchestra. He is now doing the same for double orchestra with two compositions: Somewhere up there and the intriguing Invasion of the Antz.

This project had its world premiere on 26/09/2009 in deSingel in Antwerp (Belgium) and was recorded live by Klara (VRT).

This recording is now for sale as a digital download on our webshop.

Multi track, edited and mastered recording, recorded by Klara (VRT).

Track list:

1. Crush of the Titans – Lode Mertens. Duur: 17'23''

2. Invasion of the Antz - Bert Joris. Duur: 11'04''

3. For Kenny - Pierre Drevet. Duur: 10'31''

4. Somewhere Up There - Bert Joris. Duur: 18'23''

Totale duur: 57'21''


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