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YBBW in a new outfit

From now on Young Brassband Willebroek won’t be performing in their classic black polo shirts anymore. After a long search band manager Jaak Kuterna found a partner for a new outfit. The band wants to thank the “Academy for music and spoken word Willebroek” for sponsoring the printing costs.

We keep performing in a polo shirt, but the colour is white. The logo of the “Academy for music and spoken word Willebroek” and the new logo of Young Brassband Willebroek, designed by Wim Tillon, is printed on the polos.


Those who don’t want to miss the premiere of YBBW in their new outfits will have to come to Freiburg im Breisgau. On the 3rd of May, during the European Youth Brassband Championships 2015 they will perform in their white polo shirts for the first time.


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