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Willebroek celebrates their European youth and world title!

As a result of the world title in Kerkrade by Brass Band Willebroek and the 3rd European youth title by Young Brass Band Willebroek, a festive reception was organized by the sponsors of BBW and the GO! academy of Willebroek to highlight these recent achievements by both bands.

There was a cosy atmosphere in the auditorium of the academy and everyone was provided with snacks and drinks, afterwards the musicians could enjoy some nice fries sponsored by the music academy. Christine Segers, school principal of the GO! academy of Willebroek, was first to congratulate the bands -and in particular conductor Frans Violet-. However it became very silent when she started to summarize the entire palmares of Brass Band Willebroek, some people couldn’t avoid blinking a tear away. When major of Willebroek Eddy Bevers addressed the invitees, again it became more clear that Frans ‘The wizard’ Violet has always been the driving force behind the succeses of (Young) Brass Band Willebroek for almost 40 years. Afterwards the city council offered a special hat with the city’s logo and ideas were developed for a spectacular surprise, to be continued...

Thanks to...

(Young) Brass Band Willebroek would like to thank all their sponsors, big and small, for their support that ensures a positive working of the band. A special mentioning for Lemca Musical Instruments, funeral care Gorsen-Fonteyne and the GO! academy of Willebroek for offering this reception.


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