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The sky is the limit for Brass Band Willebroek

The fact that Brass Band Willebroek finds itself among the European top-bands is no old news, but that Willebroek breaks their personal record on divers world ranking lists became more clear after the recent updates. Never has the band been ranked this high (since their European titles in 2006 & 2007) as they are now after the August 2017 updates.

The reason for that are the excellent results Willebroek achieved at many contests they had on their program last year. A 4th place at both British Open and the European Championships, 2nd place at the Belgian Nationals and the All England Masters International and last but certainly not least: the recent world-title at the World Championships in Kerkade. All this resulted in an overall 6th place on the world ranking list by 'Band Supplies -' and even a 3rd place on the list by ''. Long Way... Getting there has been a long way that goes back way further than only last years results. For a non-British band it is more difficult to become high-ranked in a short amount of time as British bands have a lot more contests on their program and therefore are able to gather more points. Brass Band Willebroek is of course very proud to be ranked this high and will do everything that is needed to stay at the top.


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