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Roger Webster on Solo Cornet for European Brass Band Championships 2014

Brass Band Willebroek has been able to get none other than Roger Webster to fill the vacant seat in their solo cornet section. He will reinforce the band at the European Brass Band Championships in Perth in two weeks.

Dr. Webster is an English cornet player and psychologist and is considered to be one of the best cornet soloists in the world. He has had a brilliant solo career and is a valued musician in the English top bands. For several years he was principal cornet with the Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

Dr. Webster:

"I am very much looking forward to participating in the forthcoming European Brass Band Championships in Perth with the Belgium champion band Willebroek under their conductor Frans Violet.

I have played with the band previously on several occasions and also worked under the direction of Frans during my time with CWS Glasgow.

They are a top flight outfit with an extremely dedicated and skilled conductor. They have some excellent soloists and I'll just be there to fill a front row vacancy. It should be a great event."

Roger Webster will join the band in Perth, in the last week before the European Championships. Both the band and the conductor are looking forward to working with him!

Translated by: Kim D.H.


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