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Nominations color Willebroek's new successful year

4barsrest, the leading news website for brass bands worldwide, has just announced its nominations. A new successful year for Brassband Willebroek resulted in no less than 2 nominations.

The band has been nominated for 2019 Band of The Year based on concert performances, world tours, recordings, projects and so on. BBW belongs to a select list with other world toppers such as Cory, Eikanger & Black Dyke.

Lode Violet & Kevin Van Giel's debut album Rise was also nominated for 2019 Solo CD of the Year. A first response from the principal euphonium:

I'm thrilled with the nomination for Brassband Willebroek as Band of the Year and our CD Rise as Solo CD of the Year! 2019 was a good year!

The jury panel composed by 4BR decides who will win these awards. The results will be announced the morning of Christmas.


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