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Musicians Brass Band Willebroek at work in Flemish Opera

Five of our musicians were selected for and have already started working on a project of the Flemish Opera, namely Jeroen Corneillie (Eb Cornet), Lode Violet (Principal Cornet), Kevin Van Giel (Principal Euphonium), Jonas Violet (Tutti Euphonium) and Stijn Aertgeerts (Eb Bass). They are playing in the banda of the opera 'Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district', an on-scene instrumental ensemble which only consists of saxhorns.

Shostakovitch has written an extremely colourful score and chief conductor Dmitri Jurowski has pulled out all the stops. The orchestra has the greatest dynamic canvas at its disposal, which it uses to accentuate the musical jokes and contrast. The banda will be a fanfare which will perform in the second act from a steel stage setting. At the end of the second act they will even be placed at the sides of the first balcony for maximum effect. The few people who were seated there were given earplugs as a precaution.


The opera premiered on the 21st of March and the last performance will be on the 6th of April. A recording of this Lady Macbeth will be broadcast on the 12th of April at 08:00pm on Radio Klara.

Brass Band Willebroek supports its musicians in this prestigious project, which intends to put the saxhorns in a positive and unique light.

Translated by: Kim D.H.


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