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Frans Violet 'Président du Jury' at the French Brass Band Championships

This weekend, our conductor, Frans Violet, will reside in the jury of the 10th "Championnat National de Brass Band", the French National Brass Band Championships. He was named president of the jury. Although the Brass Band movement in France is still fairly recent, the number of participants and, therefore, the competitiveness increases year after year.

Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres

Our solo horn, Tine Doom, will also be attending this weekend's championships. She was asked by 'Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres' to reinforce their alto section. In the past two weeks, our Bb Bass and guest conductor of YBBW, Guy Audenaert, has been preparing 'Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres' for the competition. We are honoured that the French brass bands are counting on the experience and the craftsmanship of the Belgian brass band world and wish all the contestants good luck!

Translated by: Kim D.H.


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