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Destination Utrecht - Brassband Willebroek 2017 Belgian Champions

After months of intense preparations, the ultimate moment finally came for the Belgian brass bands: the Belgian Championships. Sunday 26th of November, 8 bands gathered at the Zwanenberg venue in Heist-op-den-Berg to compete for that one ticket to Utrecht.

Like every year, Brass Band Willebroek wants to compete for the title but with the recent victory at the WMC last summer, the pressure was a little bit higher than usual.

The performance of the set test piece "Metamorphosis" by Jan De Haan was rewarded by a loud applause by a crowded concert hall. This year it was also possible to follow the entire day on YouTube thanks to the livestream by VLAMO and Motormusic.

After performing "Destination Moon" by Paul Raphael, the band left the stage knowing that they gave their best shot on their own choice piece.

Thrilling Prize Ceremony

The tension was high during the proclamation but a first feeling of relief came when the percussion section of Brass Band Willebroek was awarded 'best percussion section in the set test piece'. However, the atmosphere again changed when the organisation mentioned an ex aequo on the first and second place. Most of the band members feared a repetition of 2016, when the title slipped out of our hands.

But when the words 'Brass Band Willebroek' were heard, the relief couldn’t have been greater: Brass Band Willebroek became National Champions with 96% and has the honour to represent Belgium at the European Championships 2018 in Utrecht. This by winning on the set test piece. And that’s not the only thing: it is also the 20th title for Brass Band Willebroek and conductor Frans Violet.

We would like to congratulate Noord-Limburgse Brassband (who made it very thrilling during the proclamation) and Festival Brassband on becoming well deserved 2nd and 3rd. Also congratulations to all other bands with their performances.

Last but not least, Brass Band Willebroek is very proud of their youth band Young Brassband Willebroek and their conductor Lode Violet who became champions in 3rd division with 92,5%.


Championships Division:

Adjudicators: Nigel Boddice, Mareika Gray, Torgny Hanson Set Work + Own Choice Work = Total

1. Brass Band Willebroek: (97 + 95) = 96*

2. Noord-Limburgse Brassband: (96 + 96) = 96

3. Festival Brassband: (93 + 97) = 95

4. Brass Band Buizingen: (92 + 94) = 93

5. Brass Band Heist: (89 + 92) = 90.5

6. Kortrijk Brass Band: (88 + 89) = 88.5

7. Brass Band Leieland: (86 + 90) = 88.0

8. Brass Band Zele: (87 + 88) = 87.5

*Set work takes precedent

Percussion Prize: Brassband Willebroek

3rd Division:

1. Young Brassband Willebroek: (92 + 93) = 92,5

2. Mercator Brassband: (87 + 86) = 86,5

3. Dender Brass: (84 + 82) = 83

4. United Brass: (82 + 83) = 82,5


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