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Deadline WSC 2020 is almost up!

The closure of registrations in the highest category is not far off. Deadline for registration in the category “From 19 years old” is on Tuesday 22 September. The competition is very popular with many brass players in Europe. There are already registrations from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The main prize in the category “From 19 years old” consists of a cash prize of 1000 euros, the Frans Violet trophy, a voucher worth 600 euros at Buffet Crampon (Besson) and a performance as a soloist accompanied by Brassband Willebroek. Fantastic prizes can also be won for second and third place: nice cash prizes, a challenge cup and vouchers at Buffet Crampon & Band Music Shop.

The entire category is live streamed by Yuja throughout the day and live coverage is also provided by CU Brass.

If you have to travel far to participate in the Willebroek Solo Contest, you can always stay overnight in a hotel near the hall. The band also thought of those who stay at home: the entire category is live streamed by Yuja throughout the day and live coverage is also provided by CU Brass.

You can still send in your video this week to participate in the pre-selection. Visit the website quickly for more information and registrations. Good luck!

A Concert of Legends postponed again due to corona

Normally, on October 31, we would celebrate the 40th anniversary in a grand spectacle in the San Marco Village in Schelle. During these strange times, we tried as long as possible to make the event take place. Like us, you were undoubtedly looking forward to this concert.

At the beginning of September, we unfortunately have no idea if the corona measures will reduce to allow the concert to take place. We are still required to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between the musicians. In addition to the practical objections (larger stage), this measure does not benefit teamwork. Since we do not want to compromise on our own quality standards, we can unfortunately only make one decision: postpone the concert.

The new date for the concert is October 30, 2021. The venue and the concept of the evening will remain the same. Of course your tickets remain valid. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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