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Brass Band Willebroek welcomes two new musicians!

Brass Band Willebroek again welcomes a new top musician: Jelle Thijs on tuba. Jelle studied Tuba at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp with Hendrik Jan Renes. Since 2012, he has been playing professionally with the Royal Band of the Belgian Navy. Jelle started his brass band career at an early age with Festival Brass Band and occasionally reinforced other brass bands as well. Now he joins the bass section on Bb Bass and in this way contributes to the typical BBW foundation of 3 Bb Basses and 2 Eb Basses.

Steffi Van den Sande

The back row cornet section will also receive reinforcement with the return of Steffi Van den Sande. Several years ago, Steffi was already a BBW-member, but had to take a break due to higher study. Welcome Jelle and Steffi!

Translated by: Kim D.H.


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