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Brass Band Willebroek sets up partnership with Bremner Music

Brass Band Willebroek will be able to count on the support of Bremner Music, specifically their world renowned product, the Sshhmute. Conductor Frans Violet will be looking forward to using the Whisper Mute on big stages, like the British Open stage next month at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

First contacts have been established 3 years ago in october 2013 by Betty Bremner and Principal Cornet, Lode Violet. The level of satisfaction with the practice mutes - which have been highly acclaimed by artists such as Alison Balsom, James Morrison & Christian Lindberg - was enormous: close to no extra resistance, excellent intonation and no need to disturb anybody around you ever again while practicing.

Whisper Mute

The new model, whisper on stage mute, with it's enormous dynamic range, has fueled the interest of Brassband Willebroek to use the fine product at coming performances. That's how early last month, a deal was reached between Frans Violet, Lode Violet & Betty Bremner to equip the cornet section with a set of these mutes.


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