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Brass band Willebroek invited to British Open 2016!

Brassband Willebroek is honored to be invited to participate in the 164th British Open Brass Band Championship. This will take place on September 10, 2016 at Symphony Hall in Birmingham (UK). Brassband Willebroek got this opportunity as a result of the European Brassband Championships last year in Freiburg, where they were the highest rated non-British band.

The British Open Brass Band Championship originated in 1853, making it the oldest competition for brass bands. The current organizers, Karyn and Martin Mortimer, are doing everything they can to preserve the rich past of this race.

The competition is seen as “the” brass band competition for British bands and therefore enjoys a lot of interest among brass band enthusiasts all over the world.

The British Open aims to encourage new compositions and push the boundaries of brass band music. This with the intention to offer the participants a pleasant challenge, and to keep the competition interesting for the public.

The set test piece for the competition is “The Triumph of Time” by composer Peter Graham. The piece was commissioned for the Black Dyke Band and Professor Nicholas Childs for their participation in the European Brass Band Championships in Perth, 2014. The piece was also chosen as a set test piece for the Swiss Brass Band Championships 2015 and more recently for the Dutch Brass Band Championships 2016.

Wellington Brass

In addition to Brass Band Willebroek, Wellington Brass from New Zealand has also been invited to participate in the British Open Brass Band Championship. This match is part of their tour later this year. Wellington Brass is the first Southwest Pacific ensemble since Dalewool Auckland (NZ) joined in 2004.

The contest, which will again be sponsored by Besson this year, will start at 10.00am. Ticket sales will start at the Symphony Hall Box Office on Tuesday, May 17. If you would like to cheer us on in Birmingham, don't hesitate and book your tickets for this fantastic event!


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