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Brass Band Willebroek in Concert with Katrina Marzella

On Sunday 25 October, Brassband Willebroek will give a concert in the KFR Re-Mi-Centrum in Humbeek, organized by and with thanks to the Koninklijke Fanfare Rumolduszonen.

In addition to a varying program, Yahama artist Katrina Marzella, the solo baritone of the current European champion, Black Dyke Band, is also a guest.

Katrina Marzella is hailed as one of the leading baritone players of her generation. She owes her musical development to her rich brass band history, she grew up in West Lothian, Scotland. In her youth she played in the West Lothian Schools Brass Band and was Principal Baritone of the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland and of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. For more information about Katrina Marzella, please visit her website.


Tickets can be purchased through one of our musicians. For more information, we would like to forward you to this email address.


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