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Brass band Willebroek celebrates its 40th anniversary with 3rd Belgian title in a row!

Brassband Willeroek – Cultural Ambassador of the Municipality of Willebroek – can add an extra Belgian title to its list of achievements. Yesterday, in the CC Zwaneberg in Heist-op-den-Berg, the band won its 3rd title in a row at the Belgian Brass Band Championships organized by VLAMO.

The 3 judges - Sheona White (GB), Florent Didier (FR) & Peter Graham (GB) - were unanimous about the results and placed Willebroek on both the set test piece Dynasty (Peter Graham) and the own choice piece ***** (Ludovic Neurohr ) in the first place. Remarkable was the precision and attention to detail, as well as the warm sound that typifies the band.

In addition to the main prize, BBW also won the prize for best soloist – Toon Rutten on Eb Bass – and percussion. It is also a wonderful gift for honorary citizen and conductor Frans Violet: today he can celebrate his 65th birthday in style. As the founder of the band, he has already won 22 Belgian titles. For example, Brassband Willebroek's 40th anniversary year will start with a golden edge and with a European ticket in their pocket, the band can prepare for its trip to the European Championships in Palanga, Lithuania.

1. Brassband Willebroek o.l.v. Frans Violet (96/97) 96,5% 2. Festival Brass Band o.l.v. Steven Verhaert (94/96) 95% 3. NoordLimburgse Brass Band o.l.v. Erik van de Kolk (93/92) 92,5% ** 4. Brassband Buizingen o.l.v. Harmen Vanhoorne (91/94) 92,5% ** 5. Brass Band Heist o.l.v. Bert van Thienen (90/90) 90% ** 6. Kortrijk Brass Band o.l.v. Ward De Ketelaere (87/93) 90% ** 7. Brass Band Leieland o.l.v. Sam Werbrouck (88/91) 89,5% 8. Brassband Zele o.l.v. Bart Van Der Strieck (88/88) 88%

* Represents Belgium at the European Championships on May 1-2, 2020 in Palanga, Lithuania

** In case of a tie, the highest score for the set test piece will prevail

Prize for best soloist: Eb Bass Brassband Willebroek (Toon Rutten)

Prize for best percussion: Brassband Willebroek

Jury: Florent Didier (F), Peter Graham (UK) and Sheona White (UK).


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