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Belgian triumph for Willebroek!

BBK 2018

This weekend (24 & 25 november) the Belgian Brassband Championships took place at the CC Zwaneberg, Heist-Op-Den-Berg. It was the 40th time that de Flemish Organization of nonprofessional music ensembles organized this event. Seven bands fought to gain the title in the highest division. Because of the anniversary of this event, Vlamo commissioned the Belgian composer Stan Nieuwenhuis to write a new piece. His "REwrite RElapse" enjoyed a great performance by Brassband Willebroek. The orchestra, still led by the hands of founder Frans Violet, convinced the international jury even more with their own choice piece. Brassband Willebroek performed the "Concerto for Brass Band", composed by the hungarian Roland Szentpali. They got a magisterial score of 97%.

Not only the A-band scored really well: the youth band, led by Lode Violet, gave two great performances of the set piece and their own choice piece and gained a score of 93%. With that score they captured the title in the second division.

As champion of Belgium Brassband Willebroek has the honor to defend Belgium at the European Championships 2019 in Montreux. It's the 21st victory for Brassband Willebroek.

Results Championships Division Adjudicators: Dr Robert Childs, Mareika Gray, Reid Gilje Set test piece + own choice piece = Total

1. Brass Band Willebroek: 291/291 = 582 (97.0%)

2. Festival Brass Band: 288/282 = 570 (95.0%)

3. Noord-Limburgse Brass Band: 279/276 = 555 (92.50%)

4. Brass Band Leieland: 285/264 = 549 (91.50%)

5. Brass Band Zele: 273/267 = 540 (90.0%)

6. Brass Band Heist: 267/261 = 528 (88.0%)

7. Kortrijk Brass Band: 264/258 = 522 (87.0%)

Best Percussion Prize: Brass Band Leieland

2nd Division

1. Young Brass Band Willebroek: 273/285 = 558 (93.0%)

2. Brass Band Euterpe: 234/246 = 480 (80.0%)


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