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Anniversary concert Fanfare Aurora Baexem

As part of the 130th anniversary of Fanfare Aurora, the Baexemse association will give a jubilee concert together with guest orchestra Brassband Willebroek on Saturday 16 April. In De Bombardon in Heythuysen, both music orchestras will perform a surprising program at 8 p.m. A program that should certainly not be missed for the Central Limburg music lover.

Fanfare Aurora is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year and she doesn't want to let that pass by. That is why she has sought cooperation with Brassband Willebroek.


Tickets for the concert are available at one of the sales points:

- Spar Synco te Baexem

- Baexheimerhof te Baexem

- Bombardon te Heythuysen

- Adams Muziekcentrale te Ittervoort

Tickets are €10 in advance and €12.50 at the ticket office (there are still tickets available).


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