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A Concert of Legends, finally!

Just a few more weeks and Brassband Willebroek will finally be able to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a spectacular concert, this on Saturday October 30, 2021! In addition to the beautiful location of San Marco Village and the VIP formula with dinner, there are a few extras that will convince you not to stay at home!

Young Brass Band Willebroek & Brass Band Willebroek are proud to present two international soloists: soprano singer Anneke Luyten and Buffet Crampon artist, Vincent Lepape. After these performances, an evening full of nostalgia starts with the All-Star Band and the Massed Band as a spectacular closing!

In addition, one of the topicons from the history of BBW, Stef Pillaert, will also present the evening as if he had never been away. Still not enough after these festivities full of musical highlights? Then you can let loose with our DJ d'ElmO!

Covid Safe Ticket

The event will take place with a total of more than 700 people. The association has therefore decided to work with the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) so that you can experience the full program of the event. Covid Safe Tickets Eligible To Access: Full Vaccination, Recovery Certificate, PCR Test, Rapid Antigen Test (is not a self-test!).

From Thursday September 23, the board will be stricter with the refund policy: tickets will not be refunded after this date.

PS: We make a warm appeal to all ex-musicians who would like to sit on stage together again. Would you like to be part of the 40-year celebration and do you want to play in the All-Star Band or the Massed Band? Be sure to send Nick Vandekerkhove a message via email.


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