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2nd place at All England Masters International Brass Band Championship 2016!

Brassband Willebroek achieved a 2nd place at the All England Masters International Brass Band Championship 2016 in the Lighthouse Theater in Kettering (UK). It is a personal best result for the band at this competition, principal cornet Lode Violet was awarded the '4Barsrest Best Instrumentalist Award'.

After an absence of 2 years, the band decided to focus on the All England Masters International in the spring. The competition, which was in its 27th edition, experienced a decline in participants this year. A total of 13 bands came forward, all of whom gave their own interpretation to Philip Sparke's duty work Cambridge Variations.

Drawn as the 10th band, BBW was allowed on stage around 1.50 pm (UK time). English press were very enthusiastic:


"There was a deep richness about this performance from first note until last - although it was not flawless. The flow of the music was broad and lyrical whilst the soloists were solid and classy. Some fine ensemble playing added a level of sparkling veneer. Great depth of sound and balance were such a feature,

It did occasional meander and lack precision, but these were moments only in what was a performance of substantive class, led by such an intuitive musician at the helm. The leader for us. Could the title be heading to Belgium?"

Unanimously, by 4barsrest and British Bandsman, Brassband Willebroek was predicted to take first place, it would be the first non-British band to win this competition, but the judges Stephen Roberts & Stan Lippeatt decided otherwise. Virtuosi GUS led by Adam Cooke won the championship and BBW came in second, according to the judges it was a 'close call'. Lode Violet was awarded the '4barsrest Best Instrumentalist Award' for his performance of the cornet solo in the set test piece.


Set test piece: Cambridge Variations (Philip Sparke)

Adjudicators: Stephen Roberts & Stan Lippeatt

1. Virtuosi GUS (Adam Cooke)

2. Brass Band Willebroek (Frans Violet)

3. Ratby Co-operative (Mareika Gray)

4. Milnrow (Mark Bentham)

5. Diggle (Phil Goodwin)

6. Hammonds Saltaire (Morgan Griffiths)

7. City of Bradford (Lee Skipsey)

8. Kidlington Concert Brass (David Hirst)

9. St. Austell Town (Steve Sykes)

10. Medway Band (Melvin White)

11. Shirley Band (Dave Bishop Rowe)

12. Shepherd Group (Richard Wilton)

13. Regent Brass (Paul Archibald)

4Barsrest Best Instrumentalist Award: Lode Violet (cornet) - Brass Band Willebroek

Best Trombone: Chris Jeans (Virtuosi GUS)

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