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Violet Volume 1

Violet Volume 1


Our musical journey starts with ‘Sång till Norden’ by Lode Violet. It holds a special place in our repertoire, as it was originally composed for the Gala Concert of the Swedish Brass Band Championships in 2015, where Brass Band Willebroek proudly gave its premiere performance.

Inspired by two lines from the Swedish national anthem, ‘Du gamla, Du fria’, Lode Violet’s composition weaves a rich tapestry of melodies that evoke the spirit of Sweden. The title, ‘Sång till Norden’, pays homage to the original title of the national anthem and translates as ‘Song of the North’. It is a musical journey that embraces the cultural and geographical essence of the northern lands, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the beauty and grandeur of Sweden.

As you listen to ‘Sång till Norden’, let its melodies transport you to the majestic landscapes of the north and celebrate the harmonious blend of music and tradition that Brass Band Willebroek brings to life through this extraordinary composition.


In the tumultuous world we navigate in today, maintaining a positive outlook can be an incredible challenge. The alarming state of our climate, the turmoil in world politics – it often feels as if hatred is spreading relentlessly, rendering us helpless. That’s why, now more than ever, it is crucial to combat this hatred with hope and love, to have faith in humanity’s ability to emerge stronger from the forces that seek to divide us. We must persist in our hopes and endeavors to forge the better world we all yearn for.

‘Hope’, composed by Stijn Aertgeerts, not only embodies these sentiments but also holds a significant accolade, having secured the second place in the Cory Band/ RWCMD Composition Prize.

The band’s sensitive interpretation of the piece allows listeners to immerse themselves in its emotional depth, finding solace and inspiration within its gentle melodies.


‘Jewish Wake’ by Simon Van Hoecke was originally composed for brass ensemble. The piece begins with a haunting solo that draws its inspiration from an authentic Jewish lament. This lamenting motif serves as the central theme throughout the composition, threading a narrative of profound emotion.

‘Jewish Wake’ is a remarkable fusion of styles, marked by its brevity and virtuosity. It mirrors the cultural mosaic of Antwerp, notably the celebrated Jewish diamond district, which was once the composer’s home. Through this composition, Brass Band Willebroek pays homage to the rich heritage of Antwerp, embracing its diverse musical traditions and commemorating the resilience and creativity of its people.


‘Pulcinella’, a Philip Sparke composition, was commissioned by the Taiwanese euphonium artist Tzu-Hsiang Lin. The composition is part of Sparke’s series of euphonium solos inspired by characters from Italian commedia dell’arte. ‘Pulcinella’ features a mesmerizing interplay of lyrical and vivacious themes, showcasing the euphonium’s expressive range. This piece stars Kevin Van Giel, principal euphonium of Brass Band Willebroek, whose virtuosity adds an extra layer of brilliance to this spectacular composition.


‘Innuendo’ is a remarkable arrangement which made its mark as a part of Whitburn Band’s ‘Brass in Concert’ program, where the talented arranger, Dr. Peter Meechan, claimed the coveted Cyril Beere Memorial Trophy for his ingenious reinterpretation of the classic Queen rock hit. Dr. Meechan’s rendition introduces a myriad of inventive elements, including antiphonal trumpets, rhythmic hand claps, and a host of other clever effects.

The band’s meticulous attention to detail brings Freddie Mercury's distinctive vocals to life through the brass instruments. Brace yourselves for a sonic adventure filled with intricate rhythms, powerful harmonies, and the unmistakable Queen magic.


‘Explorers on the Moon’ was composed by Paul Raphael in 2019 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon in 1969. This composition follows in the footsteps of another work by the same composer, ‘Destination Moon’. However, ‘Explorers on the Moon’ draws its inspiration from the renowned Belgian author Hergé and his most iconic creation, Tintin. The music is deeply rooted in the narrative of ‘Explorers on the Moon’, the sequel to ‘Destination Moon’, written in 1950 and presciently anticipating reality by nearly two decades. This story chronicles the lunar adventure of Tintin and his companions, and it serves as the foundation for this remarkable composition.

‘Explorers on the Moon’ is an extraordinary piece presented in three movements: ‘Space’, ‘Nightmare Land’ and ‘The Journey Home’. It stands as one of the most spectacular contest pieces of recent years, capturing the imagination with its vivid storytelling and thrilling musicality. As you listen, let the melodies transport you to the lunar landscapes of Hergé’s imagination, where Tintin’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of the moon's mysteries.

With ‘Explorers on the Moon’, Brass Band Willebroek secured a resounding victory, clinching the prestigious Dutch Open title in 2023.


‘Mirror of the Heart’ was composed by Jonathan Bates for the acclaimed Belgian cornet soloist, Lode Violet, for performances and recordings with both the Wallberg Band and Brass Band Willebroek. The composition draws its evocative title from the collection of poems by the late American poet Sara Teasdale, ‘Mirror of the Heart’. Remarkably, this collection remained unpublished until after Teasdale’s passing, comprising 54 profoundly personal and introspective poems.

With ‘Mirror of the Heart’, the aim is to capture the deeply personal and contemplative essence that permeates the core of Teasdale’s collection. This work mirrors the poetic intricacies and emotional depth found within the ‘heart’ of the poems, creating a musical reflection of profound introspection. It’s a piece that invites listeners to dig into the innermost thoughts and emotions, forging a connection between the performer, the audience, and the poet’s timeless words.


‘The Bombardier’ by T.J. Powell is a captivating showcase of technical prowess and musical dynamism. With its virtuosic solo passages and exhilarating tempo, this piece demands the utmost precision and skill from the performers. Brass Band Willebroek’s musicians rise to the challenge, delivering a performance that is nothing short of breathtaking. Prepare to be enthralled by the sheer energy and brilliance of ‘The Bombardier’.


Our musical odyssey concludes with ‘Opening Night in Las Vegas’, an electrifying concert opener, capturing the essence of the iconic entertainment hub. Originally composed for Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag’s 2019 Siddis Brass competition entry, it’s both challenging and engaging. Brass Band Willebroek’s rendition embodies the excitement of an opening night, where artistic vision meets hard work. This piece promises an unforgettable musical spectacle, radiating the glamour and thrill of Las Vegas. Get ready for a lasting musical impression that will leave you enthralled.

  1. Sång Till Norden / Lode Violet
  2. Hope / Stijn Aertgeerts
  3. Jewish Wake / Simon Van Hoecke
  4. Pulcinella / Philip Sparke, Euphonium Soloist: Kevin Van Giel
  5. Innuendo / Queen, arr. Peter Meechan, Trumpet feature: Robby Boone & Simon Binon
  6. Explorers on the Moon / Paul Raphael
  7. Mirror of the Heart / Jonathan Bates, Cornet Soloist: Lode Violet
  8. The Bombardier / T.J. Powell
  9. Opening Night in Las Vegas / Reid Gilje
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