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  • Rise

    SKU: MIRA 89150-2

    The new solo album of Lode Violet and Kevin Van Giel, the principal cornet and euphonium players of Brass Band Willebroek.


    This CD consists of five new commissions, two brand new arrangements for Brassband and soloist and two all time favorites. A must-have for every music enthusiast.

    1. Rondo (Claude T. Smith)
    2. A Pacific Melody (Christopher Bond)
    3. Euphonium Concerto: Part 1 (Jukka Linkola, arr. Nick Van Elsen)
    4. Song (Frode Rydland)
    5. Hypnagogia ( Daniel Hall)
    6. Rhapsody for Cornet (Roger Derongé)
    7. Lullaby for Nelle (Jelle Van Giel)
    8. Cornet Concerto (Jonathan Bates), Dystopia
    9. Utopia (Part 2)
    10. Rise (Stijn Aertgeerts)
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